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      The idea for the creation of this equipment is to reduce the chlorine
concentration in the water.
      This is very important when you swim in the swimming pool, you need to
have the maximum comfort and safety for your health. Most of swimming
pools used chlorine for disinfection water. Chlorine causes redness of your
eyes, irritation and dry skin, also has an unpleasant smell. Some people even
stopped to swim in a swimming pool because they are experiencing discomfort
from chlorine. And even if the swimming pool with chlorine is not used to swim,
it still has an unpleasant smell for the surrounding people. Some swimming
pools use salt water, but salt is used for the production of chlorine too in the
chlorinator. Salt also can be frustrating to the skin and eyes, and causes
corrosion of equipment.
      One of the methods of water purification is the mineralization the water of
copper and silver ions.

      Disinfecting properties of copper and silver were known in ancient times.
Well water containing copper and silver coins is very bright, due to the biocidal
affect of these metals. Some European and Russian villages have been using
silver for drinking water treatment for many years. Copper-silver ionization was
developed in both Europe and the United States in the 1950’s. Copper-silver
ionization is suitable for a large number of applications. It became of interest
when NASA used copper-silver ionization for drinking water prodcution aboard
Apollo space ships in 1960. Because of copper-silver ionization, drinking water
could be produced safely in space without the use of chlorine. In the United
States, copper-silver ionization is mainly used for swimming poolwater

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