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1) The chamber. Connection pipe size for the chamber is 2 inches PVC.
If the size of your pipeline differs from the 2-inch, apply adapter couplings.
Choose the horizontal section of the pipeline between the pump and filter and
cut out a portion of the pipe to secure the chamber. Attach the chamber with a
special glue for PVC pipe.

      2) The controller. Choose a place for the controller mounting on the wall
so that the cables are long enough to connect to the chamber and to connect
to the control relay for the pump motor. Drill holes in the wall in accordance
with the mounting holes on the controller. Attach the controller to the wall with
dowels and screws. Connect the black cable (three-line) to the pump motor
relay - two red tip wires to the LOAD side (can use 110 or 220 v), and green
tip wire to GROUND. Connect the two-line cable to the chamber.



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